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What will you learn at our free webinar series?

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What will you learn at our free webinar series?

See a Scam, Stop a Scam with AARP’s Fraud Watch Network
Wednesday, August 19 2020 |6:30-7:30 PM CDT

Scammers are doing what they always do – using headlines as opportunities to steal money or sensitive personal information. The Coronavirus and the economic stimulus payments have created a perfect storm for scammers and they are coming out of the woodwork.

AARP’s Fraud Watch Network is dedicated to spreading the word about scams and fraud because if you can spot a scam you can stop a scam.

Join AARP Kansas on August 19 for a look at all the ways AARP is fighting consumer fraud with their top fraud prevention experts.

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Kathy Stokes is Director of Fraud Prevention Programs and leads AARP’s efforts to inform consumers on how to spot and avoid scams. Amy Nofziger is Director of Victim Support and leads AARP’s victim support helpline that supports tens of thousands of fraud victims each year.

Protecting Yourself Online: Tips from the “Internet Godfather”
Wednesday, September 16, 2020 | 6:30-7:30 PM CDT

Deep within the internet is the Dark Web, a space where criminals can anonymously buy and sell illegal goods and private information. Known as the “Internet Godfather,” Brett Johnson created one of the dark web’s first online stores where criminals and scammers bought stolen credit cards, Social Security numbers, drugs and guns. Eventually, he was caught and convicted.  Now, after serving seven years in prison, Brett works to stop criminal enterprise and consults for the Secret Service and the cybersecurity industry.

After serving seven years in prison, Brett turned his back on criminal enterprise and became a consultant for the Secret Service and the cybersecurity industry and now he is sharing his knowledge of cyber crimes with AARP members.

Join us Wednesday, September 16, for a rare look inside the mind of a former dark web mastermind, and learn what you can do to protect yourself and the people you care about from scams and fraud.

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Bad Actors and Stranger Danger:  Spotting Elder Financial Exploitation
Wednesday, October 14, 2020 | 6:30-7:30 PM CDT

Older adults, especially those living alone, are prime targets for scammers, in part because they have readily-accessible assets like Social Security and retirement savings and tend to be more frequently isolated. These seniors are routinely targeted by unknown scammers, but they can also be victimized by family, friends and caregivers. This type of elder abuse can be difficult to spot and even harder to stop.

Join us Wednesday, October 14, for a free webinar on spotting the signs of elder financial abuse. We’ll be joined by Former San Diego Deputy District Attorney, Paul Greenwood.

Paul is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on protecting older Americans from scams and fraud. He will outline some of the most common scams and frauds targeted at vulnerable adults and will share tips on spotting the signs of abuse in your loved ones.

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More ways to fight fraud, or get help:

Call our free helpline if you or a loved one suspect a scam:  877-908-3360

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The AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline assists tens of thousands of fraud victims each year and AARP has reached out to consumers in many other ways, such as with a fully updated fraud resource and information center on the AARP website. It has also established critical links to federal and state law enforcement organizations, to make sure it is giving people the most up-to-date information. 

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