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Brain Health with AARP Maryland

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Discover tips and strategies for optimizing your overall well-being with guidance from AARP Maryland volunteers and brain health experts.

In our ongoing commitment to well-being, AARP Maryland proudly presents a series of insightful interviews featuring our dedicated volunteers and esteemed brain health experts. Tune into our periodic series as we delve into AARP's Six Pillars of Brain Health, offering practical advice to enrich your mental well-being. In addition, we offer monthly tips to help you in your emotional and physical well-being journey. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

The Six Pillars
1.Be Social: Discover the power of social connections in boosting cognitive well-being.
2. Engage Your Brain: Keep your mind active and vibrant through lifelong learning and cognitive challenges.
3. Manage Stress: Learn effective stress management techniques to safeguard mental health.
4. Ongoing Exercise: Explore the link between physical activity and brain health for a holistic well-being approach.
5. Restorative Sleep: Uncover the importance of quality sleep in supporting memory and cognitive function.
6. Eating Right: Embrace a balanced diet that nourishes body and mind.

Expert Insights on Varied Topics
Every episode provides diverse perspectives on brain health, from tackling loneliness to the surprising connections between sex, pets, and dementia prevention and our well-being. Our experts offer valuable insights to help you navigate the complexities of maintaining a healthy and resilient mind.

Tune in online or catch previous episodes by visiting Facebook |YouTube.

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