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Stay up-to-date on federal and state legislative activities. Learn how AARP is fighting for you in Washington D.C. and right here at home.
New law brings commonsense guardrails to Maryland's retail energy market.
A group of about 65 AARP Maryland volunteers from mid-January to mid-April advocate for bills at the Annapolis statehouse complex that are aimed at helping older Americans age in place and live their lives as fully as possible.
For over eight decades, this bedrock program has offered economic security and dignity to millions of retirees, people with disabilities, and surviving spouses and children.
If you take Biktarvy, Dupixent, Farxiga, Jardiance, Ozempic, Skyrizi, Trulicity, or Vyvanse, and are having trouble affording the cost, please share your story.
Landmark legislative victories will put money back into the hands of Marylanders.
Major changes are needed in regulations to ensure seniors are safe and able to live with dignity.
AARP Maryland is fighting back against unfair retail energy practices.
ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 4, 2024)— A red tide of AARP Maryland members will converge on Annapolis this Thursday, March 7, for the organization’s annual lobby day to connect with lawmakers and raise awareness of issues of importance to Marylanders aged 50 and over, including prescription drug affordability, support for family caregivers, long-term care oversight, consumer protections, affordable gas and electric and retiree tax relief.
Join us in congratulating Jim Campbell for six years of dedicated service to AARP Maryland.
In the 2024 legislative session, AARP Maryland will press lawmakers for action on measures to support family caregivers, lower prescription drug costs, prevent fraud and other issues.
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