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Doctors Can Treat Patients from a Distance

Doctor workplace with digital tablet and stethoscope

It’s not always easy to get to a doctor’s office, especially for people living in rural or inner-city areas with few physicians. AARP Mississippi is working to improve access to care by supporting efforts to expand telehealth, which allows doctors and other providers to use technology to treat patients remotely. Typically, telehealth involves the use of live video to “see” the patient from a distance, as well as secure electronic transfer of records and digital images to evaluate the patient’s history and monitor progress.

Mississippi has the highest physician shortage rate in the country. Telehealth could make things easier not only for patients, but also for about 501,000 family caregivers in the state, who might not be able to transport their loved one to a distant facility for evaluation or treatment.

To volunteer to help advocate for telehealth, call 866-554-5382 toll-free.

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