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How Montanans are Impacted by the Runaway Costs of Prescription Drugs

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Americans pay more than three times what people in other countries for the same medicines

Montanans all across the state have to choose between filling life-saving prescriptions and paying rent, buying food and affording other critical essentials. It is outrageous for Americans to pay more than three times what people in other countries pay for the same medicines. Prices for prescription drugs keep rising. For example, the price of a cancer drug, Revlimid, increased by 44 percent from 2015 to 2020. See what percentage of Montanans with several common ailments have been impacted by unfair, high prescription drug prices.

The average senior takes four or five prescriptions each month, usually on a chronic basis. With an average annual price tag of $6,600 for just one brand-name drug, that quickly adds up to more than the median annual income for people on Medicare. To give one example, here in Montana, we know there are about 100,899 people living with cancer. One common cancer medication, Revlimid, jumped from an annual price of $186,234 in 2015 to $268,319 in 2020. These price increases are unsustainable.

Download Infographic: Impacts of High Rx Prices to Montana Residents

Brand-name increases far outpace consumer incomes and annual inflation

The average annual cost of prescription drug treatment increased over 26 percent between 2015 and 2019, while annual incomes across America increased by just over 15 percent, according to AARP research.

See how drug prices have skyrocketed in Montana.

Download Infographic: 50+ Income in Montana vs. Rx Price Gouging

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