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AARP Montana invites you to Webinar Wednesdays — a free informational series on the first Wednesday of most months at 10:00 AM.

On the first Wednesday of most months at 10 a.m., experts will share information on a variety of topics, such as brain health, music, estate planning, fraud prevention and more. You will join hundreds of Montanans across the state during these live events, you can also ask your questions of our experts.

All events are free and open to everyone!

Save the dates! 2024 Webinar Wednesday Schedule and Topics:

  • ReneeLabrieShanks-Square.jpg
    March 6, 10 AM — Imposter Scams with Renee Labrie-Shanks
    Renee Labrie-Shanks has been employed at Missoula Aging Services since 2001 and has been running the statewide Montana Senior Medicare Patrol Program since 2006. She has served on the Board of the Montana Gerontology Society, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program Advisory Council, the State Information & Assistance Planning Committee, the Chamber Health Committee, and currently serves on the AARP Executive Council. Renee lives in Missoula with her husband and two sons and enjoys skiing, playing hockey, hiking and gardening. Register here >>
  • BarryBassist - Square.jpg
    April - June — Music on the Mind Series: The Positive effects of Music appreciation on Brain Health and Wellbeing.
    • The Three Bs of Music Series with Barry Wiesenfeld
      Barry Wiesenfeld is an internationally recognized award-winning musician, a published author, and is on the music faculty of SUNY and Ramapo College. He has accompanied Grammy-, Tony- and RMI-winning artists, performed on three continents and has played on numerous recordings, radio and TV. Barry’s lecture series has been enjoyed both around the U.S. and abroad. For more information or to contact Barry, please visit
      • April 3, 10 AM — The Beatles - 50 Years Later
        A respected musicologist once referred to The Beatles as “One of the most transforming entities of 20th century music” and claimed that they changed the course of popular music forever. Can that possibly be true? Were they really so much more than just four rock ’n roll “mop tops”? And what made them such a strong force that their music is still popular now, more than 50 years later? In this single session class we’ll explore the phenomenon that was The Beatles - their growth, originality, musical innovations. Register here >>
      • May 1, 10 AM — Back To Bach
        NASA once approached a famous musicologist and said, “We’re planning to launch a rocket into deep space, and want to include a sample of the music of Earth. What would you suggest we send?” He replied, “I would suggest the complete works of J.S. Bach… but that would be bragging.” - and how right he was. Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the book (literally and figuratively) on how music works. He explored and refined chord progressions, harmony, form, and much of the music theory we still use today, three hundred years later. Join us to learn about his world and some of his most monumental works! Register here >>
      • June 5, 10 AM — Learning Ludwig
        Beethoven took the musical world into which he was born, mastered it, and then yelled, “Hey, everybody, follow me!” as he transformed the Classical era into the Romantic Era. Grove’s Dictionary of Music describes him as “… probably the most admired composer in the history of Western music” and for good reason. He lived a tragic life, but gave us gifts that we treasure still, and the emotion in his music is unrivaled. We’ll delve into his life and some of those gifts. Register here >>
  • August 7, 10 AM – Healthy Eating (tentative). Registration link coming soon!
  • September 4, 10 AM - Financial and Estate Planning. Registration link coming soon!
  • October 2, 10 AM – HomeFit (tentative). Registration link coming soon!
  • November 6, 10 AM - Genealogy (tentative). Registration link coming soon!
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