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CarFit Event Ensures You and Your Car Fit Perfectly for Safer Driving

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You might be a safe driver but did you know that the way your car “fits” you can also increase your safety?

CarFit is a free, interactive and educational program that teaches participants how to make their personal vehicle “fit” them to increase safety and mobility when driving.

Learn more at a CarFit event set for Saturday, July 25 th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Del Norte Baptist Church, 5800 Montgomery Blvd. NE, in Albuquerque. Space is limited so to reserve your spot call the AARP New Mexico Information Center at 505-830-3096.

“Sitting too far back or sitting too close to the steering wheel all can have an impact on how you drive,” said Ed Mieszerski, AARP New Mexico State Driver Safety Regional Coordinator. “We have trained individuals who will go over 12 key areas of how you fit with your car to make sure you’re in the best possible position for operating your vehicle safely.”

Some of the items on the checklist include:

  • Clear line of sight over the steering wheel
  • Properly adjusted head restraints
  • Easy access to gas and brake pedals
  • Seatbelts that hold you in the proper position and are comfortable as you drive
  • Properly positioned side and rear-view mirrors

In addition, participants will learn how to use and adjust their safety devices. Each checkup takes about 20 minutes.

CarFit is an educational program developed by AAA, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association. For more information on the CarFit program visit

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