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Beth Parkhill

Current Role: 50 Over 50: 2020 Business
Beth Parkhill is a serial innovator, with four decades of innovating in business and social enterprise.

Most recently, she was the Chief Innovation Officer for Mobility 4 All, a social enterprise that provides a personalized ride service for older Americans. 

Now, at 69, she is reinventing herself again. She’s taking a sabbatical, after the death of her husband, to explore opportunities in the “longevity economy” and setting up a type of “Age Lab” in Minnesota to provide more opportunities for people who are living longer. 

She founded Parkhill Marketing in 1992; her clients included JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and US Bank. Instead of retiring at 46, she shifted her focus to social enterprise. In 2009, she founded Mentor Planet, an online mentor-matching service. She worked with innovative social enterprises and nonprofits to solve complex social problems, from start-ups to large workforce development organizations.    

Beth was a founding board member of the Impact Hub MSP and president of the Social Enterprise Alliance Twin Cities. She served on several boards, including Project for Pride in Living, Tasks Unlimited, the Fringe Festival, and Outsiders and Others Gallery. She lives part-time, in the Loire Valley of France, in the 19th century home she and her husband restored.

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