This phone scam is back and is actively circulating in the state.New Medicare Scam
Criminal justice agencies in Montana have received several reports this week involving unsolicited phone calls from the number (248)742-3843.
Scammers are calling elderly Montanans — both those on Medicare and people with a medical card — asking them to update their card.  Scammers are trying to gain information with one of two methods:
1) One method is for the scammer to say they already have the consumer’s bank account, and want to use it as “verification they are speaking with the correct person.”
2) Another method is to say they have a new Medicare card to send, and want to verify the person’s identity with their account information.
If you get a call like this – HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!  Pass this information along to frineds, family members and loved ones – the best defense against these con artists is a good offense. Prevention is the key!
In the meantime, criminal justice agencies are working on tracking down these criminals. If you have been scammed by these con artists, call the Montana State Auditor’s Office at 800-332-6148

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