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Help Make Sioux Falls Sidewalks, Crosswalks Safer


Take a walk on the safe side: Be an advocate for sidewalks, less dangerous crosswalks and properly timed traffic lights that enhance accessibility for all in your community. 


Test your area’s walkability with the free AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit, and share the results with your local leaders. It includes checklists for examining intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior and more.

South Dakota (along with California and Georgia) participated this summer in the first State Walking College programs, developed by the nonprofit America Walks and supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by the AARP Livable Communities initiative

The program awarded fellowships in June to 15 South Dakota pedestrian advocates, including AARP’s Lindsey Holmquest. Three mentors were appointed to coach them and host discussion groups.

The Walking College aims to empower community members to make recommendations that improve their neighborhoods. 

Its 18-week curriculum includes the health benefits of walking, pedestrian-friendly design, how to assess infrastructure, and the art of building relationships with decision makers. 

You can learn more and download the AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit online.

—Mary Van Beusekom