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South Dakota 2019 Legislative Session: Week Five

We have officially reached the half way point of the 2019 South Dakota legislative session.

This week AARP South Dakota testified in support of adopting House Bill (HB) 1099.  HB 1099 allows patients in a treatment facility to designate a caregiver who can receive timely and relevant information regarding the patient's health.  We applaud Representative Tim Reed and the two parent-caregivers from Brookings, SD who gave compelling testimony in Tuesday morning’s committee hearing.  As you know, AARP South Dakota has a focused commitment to family caregivers; we feel they are unsung heroes.  HB 1099 recognizes the critical role caregivers play in taking care of their loved ones.

HB 1099 includes provisions that ensure a designated caregiver is notified of a patient's transfer or discharge, allowing the caregiver to better coordinate this transition.  The bill also allows for caregivers to receive instructions on how to perform after-care tasks which will lead to better post-discharge care and improved health outcomes.

Ultimately, AARP South Dakota feels the provisions in HB 1099 should be made available to patients and caregivers in a hospital setting. However, we feel giving these tools to caregivers of residents at treatment facilities is a good start! HB 1099 passed in committee and on the floor of the House of Representatives and will now move to the Senate for consideration.

The South Dakota Retirement System (SDRS) is bringing two bills this year; House Bill (HB) 1010 and House Bill (HB) 1011.  Neither bill proposes significant changes to the SDRS.

HB 1010 is an act to recodify and clarify, using certain form and style changes, and to repeal certain provisions related to the SDRS.  The bill will reorganize the entire chapter of law governing the SDRS in a more logical and user-friendly manner.

As statutes were reviewed for this reorganization, certain statutes were identified as needing to be revised to clarify the intent, improve the consistent administration of the system or remove outdated or obsolete provisions.  HB 1011 allows the updating and revision of these certain sections of law and will have no material impact on the assets or liabilities of the SDRS.

HB 1010 and HB 1011 have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate and head now to Governor Noem’s desk for her signature.

Finally this week, the telemedicine bills AARP South Dakota is supporting (Senate Bill 136 and Senate Bill 137) and the advance care planning bill AARP South Dakota is supporting (Senate Bill 118) passed the Senate.  These three healthcare bills now head over to the House of Representatives for consideration.  See our week four update for additional information on these bills.

Many of your state legislators return home after each week in Pierre to reconnect with their communities and to hear from members of their constituency.  AARP SD is one of the many groups who help to facilitate these conversations by sponsoring legislative coffees in cities across the state. We encourage you to take an opportunity to get to know your elected officials and to let your lawmakers know you are watching what happens in Pierre!  Learn more and find a legislative coffee near you!