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Tell Lawmakers: Vote YES on Bill to Expand Medicaid Health Care

Tell Lawmakers: VOTE YES to expand Medicaid eligibility from AARP South Dakota.
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State lawmakers in the South Dakota Legislature are debating a bill that would expand Medicaid eligibility to include working South Dakotans who make less than $18,000 per year.

Over 42,000 hard-working parents, farmers, and small business employees who are currently struggling to get access to affordable health care would gain coverage if Medicaid expansion passes – either in the state legislature or by voters deciding on their November ballots.

Residents in rural communities already have to travel too far for healthcare. Without Medicaid, many rural hospitals would be forced to close, leaving entire communities without access to the care they need.

Expanding Medicaid would provide health care and prevent hospital cuts.
Zsolt Nyulaszi

A recent AARP survey of voters found that 8 in 10 South Dakotans across the political spectrum agree: expanding Medicaid is important and necessary.

South Dakota is one of only twelve states that has not expanded Medicaid, and we are missing out. Taxes that South Dakotans have already paid are currently being used to finance healthcare in states like Nebraska, Oklahoma and North Dakota, which have already expanded their Medicaid programs.

Above all, we believe expanding Medicaid is the right thing to do to help struggling South Dakotans.

Tell lawmakers to vote YES on SB 186 to Expand Medicaid.