As you know, catastrophic budget cuts to Delaware’s Grant in Aid were passed in last year’s State budget. Much of the funding that was once provided to Delaware’s senior centers, health clinics, and veteran’s programs was reduced, resulting in a loss of services to residents age 50 and over.

These organizations have been suffering from depleted resources, but there is still something you can do. As we approach the start of the State’s Finance Committee Hearings (where the Governor’s recommended budget will be reviewed,) you can help us raise our voices and demand that some of this vital funding be returned to the budget.

It is estimated that statewide, over $25 million was reduced for community services in the FY 19 budget. This means less home delivered meal services, transportation for those who cannot drive, and programs that enhance the quality of life for older Delawareans and their families. 

Click here to send a message to your state legislators: REPLENISH THE CUTS to critical services!