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If you or someone you know is planning to attend inaugural activities during this time, here are some considerations to share and use from the District of Columbia Office on Aging:
1. Dress warm with hats, scarves, mittens and hand warmers, double-layers and wool socks, and bring an extra pair of socks as the weather is expected to be cold and possibly damp. [Current weather forecast for January 21 is for daytime highs in the upper 30’s]
2. Be prepared to possibly walk two or more miles to get to designated location, as driving into the District will be difficult and there are several road closures around the parade route and ceremonial activities.
3. Bring a cell phone with you. You can sign up with DC Alert for updates. Visit:
4. Bring medication that can last up to 24 hours; waits can be up to 12 hours or more.
5. Be cautious about food purchases; look for vendors who have been licensed and inspected by the DC Departments of Health and Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.
6. Hydrate, it is important to stay dry and to also drink water in cold weather.
7. Prepare an emergency medical card to carry on you; in the event of a medical emergency, healthcare representatives will want to know the patient’s prescriptions, medical history and a point of contact – having this information on-hand is essential and can save lives.
8. Get vaccinated, as inaugural attendees are coming from around the world; protect you and others by getting flu and other vaccinations before attending inaugural activities.
9. Bring personal supply of toilet paper in the event that supplies are exhausted at, more than 5,000 portable restrooms that will be available for attendees, so come prepared to comfortably handle your personal hygiene.
10. Use sanitation products, hand wipes and sanitizers, which are good to have on-hand to deter, spread of germs and diseases.
11. Prepare vehicles with full tanks of fuel in advance, and also include Metrorail in your travel plans, if feasible.
12. Bring easily portable high-energy foods and snacks, as the nearest food vendor may be inaccessible from your location.
13. Please remember that only service-animals will be permitted on the mall and in secured areas
14. Metro Access will operate identical hours to Metrorail and Metrobus. MetroAccess customers are encouraged to plan extra time due to increased traffic throughout the service area.
Signs of Hypothermia and Frostbite
Signs of Hypothermia- Shivering, exhaustion, confusion, fumbling hands, memory loss, slurred speech, and drowsiness are signs of hypothermia. Frostbite - first signs of skin redness or pain get out of the cold and protect any exposed skin. Watch for skin that has turned white or grayish, and feels firm, waxy or numb. Seek out immediate medical attention if you have any of these symptoms. The City has set up warming shelters and reunification centers for those need assistance near the National Mall. Call (202) 311 for locations nearest you while you are on the National Mall.
Events The Inauguration Program will start on the West Side of Capitol at 10:30 am and the swearing in will take place at 12 noon. The National Mall area will be for standing with large crowds expected. Large Teleprompters will be stationed in different locations. The Parade will make its way down Pennsylvania Avenue around 2:30 pm from the Capitol to the White House. Public space for standing is limited with groups traveling from all over the country to participate. Streets will reopen once the parade concludes at 5 p.m. Viewing the Swearing-In Ceremonies from the National Mall not require tickets. The non-ticketed area of the National Mall begins at Fourth Street NW.
. Access to Mall and Parade Route Everyone has to pass through the public entry security areas which are located near the downtown Metrorail stations. There are 12 public check points- (between 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue to 2nd Street near C Street). Packages, coolers, thermo bottles, backpacks, aerosols, weapons, large bags, duffel bags, suitcases, strollers, umbrellas, laser pointers, & Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Mobility Aids such as canes, including those with a fold-down seat, walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters are permitted. This is an addition to other items that they deem that may post a treat to security. Interstate 395 (3rd Street) Tunnel will be closed.
Entry to parade and mall area will be stopped when the crowds exceed a certain number. There will be first aid stations and portable johns, available throughout the National Mall area and Parade route. In addition, the Smithsonian Museums will be opening their bathrooms for inaugural watchers. Everyone who has reserved seating for the swearing in and parade viewing should have received instructions on where to enter.
Traffic Control
The government plans to close all bridges from Virginia into the District of Columbia except for bus traffic. The 11th and South Capitol Streets Bridges in DC will be limited to authorized vehicles and buses. Streets will remain closed to most traffic until morning rush hour on Jan. 22. Authorized vehicles include taxicabs and limousines with valid licenses. The Anacostia River bridge entrances (Sousa, Benning Road and New York Avenue) will be open.
 Emergency No Parking: Beginning at 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 19, through 7 a.m. on Tuesday, January 22, in and around the downtown area will be posted as Emergency No Parking. Many of these areas will be limited to residents with government issued identification (driver’s license) or vehicle registration showing residency inside the restricted area, or to vehicles conducting essential business within the restricted area. Streets will reopen once the parade concludes.  Charter Bus Parking Zones: Tour bus parking is available at RFK Stadium and designated zones within the District. Streets around the bus parking areas will be closed to private automobile traffic and will be posted as Emergency No Parking zones beginning at 3 p.m. on Saturday, January. 19.
 Bike Parking: For the inauguration, DDOT and goDCgo will be providing a large bike parking area at 16th and I streets NW. All six Capital Bikeshare stations along the parade route will be temporarily removed and placed out of service. Call 202-518-0524. Out of Town Travel Motor coaches: Many motor coaches will need to obtain a Trip Permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles to operate in DC. If you have questions or need assistance, please call (202) 729-7083 or Note that many neighborhoods near the Downtown area have restricted residential parking. Public transportation is advised as well as parking at RFK Stadium is recommended. Full information on MARC service for Inauguration Day is now on the MTA website at Tickets for this special service went on sale on December 17, 2012. Note that the Camden Line will not running.
Metro Plans for Inauguration Day
Although, Metrobus and Metrorail are fully accessible, it may be difficult for some to board packed trains and navigate crowded platforms. Many escalators will be turned off at strategic locations to help with crowd control, and customers will have to walk up or down escalators to enter or exit Metrorail stations. Elevator access is likely to be limited by large numbers of people attempting to use them. Washington is a walkable city. On Inauguration Day, consider avoiding crowded stations and trains by walking up to two miles to reach your destination. (See below walking map).
If you use a regular SmarTrip® card, load enough value on your card before the Inauguration. On all regular routes, Metrobus fare is $1.60 when using a SmarTrip® card. If you use cash, the fare is $1.80 (exact change). Metro strongly recommend purchasing your farecard or SmarTrip® card in advance to avoid long lines. Each traveler age 5 or older needs his or her own card to enter and exit the Metrorail system.
Metro Plans for Inauguration Day You can buy cards online at, transit store or at any Metrorail station, Metro sales office or local CVS, Giant or Safeway stores. If you’re not using a One Day Pass, be sure to load enough value on your SmarTrip® or farecard for your entire trip - in advance - for each member of your group. If you use a paper farecard, a $1 surcharge applies for each Metrorail trip you take. Metrobus fares can be paid with cash (exact change) or with a SmarTrip® card. Call Metro for updates and bus and rail scheduling call 202-637-7000 or Metrorail will open at 4 am and close at 2 am. Metrorail will provide 17 consecutive hours of rush-hour service -- from 4 am until 9 pm. Peak fares will be in effect during that time. Normal weekday parking rates will apply at Metrorail parking facilities. Parking fees will be charged as you exit the garage and may be paid by SmarTrip® or credit card. Metrobus will operate weekday rush hour service in the morning, followed by an early rush hour in the afternoon. Many routes will operate on detours due to Inaugural events. MetroAccess will operate identical hours to Metrorail and Metrobus. MetroAccess customers are encouraged to plan extra time due to increased traffic throughout the service area. On Inauguration Day, you will pay regular parking rates at Metro-operated parking facilities. Pay the fee as you exit the facility using the value on a SmarTrip® card or with a credit card. Cash is not accepted. Also, you cannot use a One Day Pass to pay for parking unless you add value to the SmarTrip® card. Metro Ambassadors (staff volunteers) will be available at Metro's busiest rail stations to assist visitors with purchasing fare media and finding their way. Customers will be able to identify Ambassadors by looking for their high-visibility reflective vests. By email and text message, we will provide real-time updates of any service changes over Inauguration Weekend, as well as important news about traveling on Metro prior to the event. You can sign up for Metro Inauguration Alerts by visiting Follow them on Twitter. Their special Inauguration Twitter account is @MetroInaug. You can also follow their main Metro account at
Metrorail stations that will be open nearest to the National Mall and parade routes
Federal Triangle – Blue and Orange Line
Gallery Place - Red Line
Metro Center- Red Line
Federal Center SW – Blue and Orange Line
Farragut West – Blue and Orange Line
Capitol South – Blue and Orange Line
Union Station- Red Line
McPherson Square – Blue and Orange Line, Farragut North- Red Line
Convention Center- Green/Yellow (close at 7:30 pm)
Walking Directions to the National Mall from selected Metro stations Arlington Cemetery
(1.5 miles to Mall) Farragut North
(1 mile to Mall) Farragut West
(0.9 miles to Mall) Foggy Bottom
(0.9 miles to Mall) L'Enfant Plaza
(0.2 miles to Mall) Metro Center
(1.7 miles to Mall) Waterfront
(1 mile to Mall) Other Important Tips The four Metrorail stations closest to the Capitol should only be used by those with Inauguration tickets. They are: Union Station, Judiciary Square, Capitol South and Federal Center SW. Metro bus routes A2, A6, A8 will extend to Waterfront station to provide direct access to the National Mall & eliminate the need to transfer to Metrorail from Anacostia station. Due to space restrictions, tour buses are prohibited from discharging passengers at Metrorail stations at any time. See something? Say something. Report unattended packages or suspicious activity to a Metro employee or call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121 or 911.
Plan for Persons with Disabilities
1. No cars with disability tags or license plates will be allowed to park around the Capitol.
2. Canes, including those with a fold-down seat, walkers and scooters are allowed at the swearing-in ceremony.
3. There will be raised platforms for wheelchair users in the seating areas at the Capitol, but space is limited. Similar platforms will be on the National Mall, too.
4. Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant bleachers will be available along the parade route for people with disabilities who have parade tickets and those who don't.
5. Sign language interpreters will be in different sections at the swearing-in and along the parade route. Open captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing will be available on large TV screens on the Mall and parade route.
6. Audio description services will be available for the blind and those with limited vision at the swearing-in ceremony and the parade.
7. MetroAccess will operate its regular schedule on Jan. 21, but there will not be service to inauguration venues or limited or cancelled service to downtown areas. .
8. Access to elevators in Metro's train stations will probably be limited because of crowds. Escalators may not be operating in certain stations. Check with WMATA.
9. Wheelchair-accessible port-a-potties will be available along the parade route, National Mall and Capitol grounds.
10. Only service animals are permitted inside of entry and National Mall area.
Making the decision - should I go? What’s the best mode of transportation for me? ( □ Bus □, Metrorail □, Cab □, Car □, Walk ) Do you have the physical stamina to stand outside in the cold, in a large crowd, for six hours or more, and then spend additional hours getting back home or to your hotel? Can you walk long distances to get to and from your destination? If you are planning to bring your children can you care for and keep track of them in large crowds for long hours? Check the weather forecast. Sign up to receive Alert DC text or email notifications while you're in town Cell phone use may be limited. Have an alternate plan for staying in touch. Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes. Bring food, water, medications, maps, tickets Don't bring prohibited items. When You Arrive Know where you are: Mark it on a map, make a note and/or take a photo Designate a meeting place and time in case you get separated from your group. Be prepared to walk long distances to get to your destination. If traveling on a bus: o Have a "captain" of the bus responsible for your trip. o Write down your bus number and the location where it is parked. o Write down a roster of passengers so you don't leave anyone behind. o r Use the "buddy system" so someone else knows whether you made it back. o Announce a planned departure time and make sure everyone knows it. o Familiarize yourself with your surroundings so you can find the bus when you return. o Get a map from one of the parking lot staff to show where your bus is. While You Are Here Expect long lines to get through security checkpoints. Be patient. Be prepared to stand "shoulder to shoulder" in large crowds. Maintain contact with your group, but be aware that cell phones may not work because of high demand. Use text messages to send critical messages. Locate bathrooms, first aid tents, and a place to get warm. Call 911 in an emergency. Ready to Leave Meet up with your group. Return the way you came: walk back to your Metro stop, parking area or drop-off spot. If you get left behind, call 311 for assistance. If traveling on a bus: o Take attendance to make sure you don't leave anyone behind. .
Parade Routes
Parade Route along Pennsylvania Avenue
A. North side of Pennsylvania Ave. between 4th St. and 6th St. (27 ft. deep x 63 ft. wide)
B. South side of Pennsylvania Ave. between 4th St. and 6th St. (10 ft. deep x 52 ft. wide)
C. North side of Pennsylvania Ave. between 7th St. and 9th St. (30 ft. deep x 50 ft. wide)
D. South side of Pennsylvania Ave. between 13th St. and 15th St. (20 ft. deep x 30 ft. wide)
E. Freedom Plaza (30 ft. deep x 62 ft. wide, 12 ft. deep x 90 ft. wide, 7 ft. deep x 184 ft. wide)
F. Pershing Park (40 ft. deep x 40 ft. wide, 13 ft. deep x 320 ft. wide)
National Mall
A. The Southwest corner of the entire mall, adjacent to, and east of, the 14th St sidewalk
B. Just east of the sidewalk that runs from the Smithsonian Metro Stop (proximate to 12th St crowd entrance)
C. Just west of 7th St, adjacent to that sidewalk
D. Adjacent to the sidewalk that connects the Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery. Bike Parking and Capital Bikeshare Corrals DDOT and goDCgo will establish a bike parking area at 16th and I Streets, NW with racks to hold hundreds of bikes. Owners will be responsible for parking and locking their own bikes, and availability will be on a first-come first-served basis. In addition, Capital Bikeshare will establish two corrals on Inauguration Day to serve members attending the Inauguration and Inaugural Parade. The corrals – which are only for Capital Bikeshare bikes - will be located at: 17th and K Streets, NW (Farragut Square) 12th Street and Independence Avenue, SW (USDA) For more information on Capital Bikeshare members, visit Drop-Locations for Persons with Disabilities Please check back for information about drop-off locations for people with disabilities for Inauguration Day, Monday, January 21, 2013 at
DC & Federal Government as well as the Office on Aging’s senior service providers is closed on January 21. The city will open warming and reunification centers available near the National Mall and Downtown Areas. The Smithsonian Museums on the Mall restrooms will be open to the general public.
I. For life threatening emergency call (202) 911
II. To get city’s up to date information on the inaugural plans and events visit:
III. Location of warming shelters and reunification centers call (202) 311 or (202) 727-6161
IV. Bus and rail information and schedule call WMATA at 202-637-7000 or or for updates
V. To sign up for Alert-DC, which will allow you to register your cell phone number or email address for emergency announcements regarding transportation, weather and other emergencies in the city during the inaugural period (January 15 – 22, 2013) visit:
VI. To view updates from Metro/WMATA regarding Inauguration Day Plans, including; - Metrorail Travel; - Metrobus Travel; - MetroAccess - Travel; - Parking; - Security; - Travel Tips; or call 202-637-7000. VII. To Purchase the Special Commemorative Inauguration Day Fare Card online, visit: VIII. To view Security Service Announcement and Measures by U.S. Secret Service visit:. IX. To View the list of Scheduled Events by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, visit: X. To Watch the Swearing-in Ceremony Online visit: XI. To Obtain a list of Prohibited Items on the Parade Route and at Entry Points: XII. To obtain information for groups and incoming buses visit: XIII. To Obtain Details about day travel in the city visit:
Prepared by the DC Office on Aging, 1/5/12

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