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Medicare is a Promise We Need to Keep


At AARP, we believe Medicare is a deal with the American people that must not be broken.

Thankfully, President Trump repeatedly said throughout his campaign that he would not allow changes to this vital program. "I am going to protect and save your Social Security and your Medicare," he told voters. "You made a deal a long time ago."

More than 72,000 D.C. residents receive Medicare coverage now, and another 110,829 will be eligible for Medicare in the next 15 years.

That’s why we’re worried about what’s being discussed on Capitol Hill.  Despite the President’s support for the program, some leaders in Congress are pushing ahead a proposal to turn Medicare into a “premium support program.” What that really means is they want to create a Medicare voucher system. It would be a fixed-dollar subsidy that beneficiaries would use to buy private insurance. If the amount isn’t enough to cover their needed health care – tough luck.

This risky scheme would end the guarantee of health insurance coverage to American seniors and dramatically increase costs for current and future retirees.

How would cuts to Medicare benefits impact you? Share your story here.

AARP is counting on Congress to follow the President’s lead and protect Medicare.

AARP is launching an aggressive national campaign to tell Congress that we’ve earned our Medicare benefits with every paycheck and that we’re going to fight against any proposal to turn it into a voucher program.

Here’s what AARP will be up to in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Delivering our message to protect Medicare. AARP leaders will be taking the message to Congress to let them know we will flatly oppose any plan that would increase costs and risks for seniors and the workers paying into the program today.
  • Launching an ad campaign. Starting this week, AARP is running a nationwide television and digital advertising campaign affirming our belief that Americans have earned their benefits and that we’re counting on Congress to protect them.
  • Mobilizing advocates.  Volunteers across the country will be meeting with their elected officials, sharing their personal stories and collecting signed petitions to communicate—in no uncertain terms—our support for keeping Medicare safe and strong. To join the fight, tell us what Medicare means to you!
  • Keeping our members informed. Through our publications, website and social media, we’ll be working to help everyone better understand what is happening on Capitol Hill and to see exactly how changes to the program will have a direct impact on you and your family. We’re counting on you to join us in this critical fight.

If you want to be part of this grassroots movement, sign up at, like the AARPAdvocates Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter at @AARPAdvocates.

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