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More than 9,000 DC Seniors Could Lose Medicare Coverage

Some are considering cramming changes to Medicare and Social Security into a year-end budget deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff."  If the Medicare eligibility age goes up to 67, then 9,351, District seniors will be kicked off Medicare.  More data at  Private insurance will cost them $2,200 a year more, and all Medicare beneficiaries' premiums will increase if the youngest and healthiest beneficiaries are dropped from the program.

"Raising the Medicare eligibility age would dramatically increase costs for recent retirees and ultimately increase costs for all Medicare beneficiaries," said Louis Davis, Jr., Senior State Director of the District of Columbia State Office of AARP.  "That's just not acceptable," he concluded.  Approximately 6,156 seniors in DC receive Medicare benefits.  In 2011, their health care services totaled $630 million.  Visit to let Congress know you want them to strengthen Medicare, not reduce benefits.

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