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Tips for seniors attending the Presidential Inaugural Events

If you or someone you know is planning to attend inaugural activities during this time, here are some considerations to share and use from the District of Columbia Office on Aging:

1. Dress warm with hats, scarves, mittens and hand warmers, double-layers and wool socks, and bring an extra pair of socks as the weather is expected to be cold and possibly damp. [Current weather forecast for January 21 is for daytime highs in the upper 30’s]

2. Be prepared to possibly walk two or more miles to get to designated location, as driving into the District will be difficult and there are several road closures around the parade route and ceremonial activities.

3. Bring a cell phone with you. You can sign up with DC Alert for updates. Visit:

4. Bring medication that can last up to 24 hours; waits can be up to 12 hours or more.

5. Be cautious about food purchases; look for vendors who have been licensed and inspected by the DC Departments of Health and Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

6. Hydrate, it is important to stay dry and to also drink water in cold weather.

7. Prepare an emergency medical card to carry on you; in the event of a medical emergency, healthcare representatives will want to know the patient’s prescriptions, medical history and a point of contact – having this information on-hand is essential and can save lives.

8. Get vaccinated, as inaugural attendees are coming from around the world; protect you and others by getting flu and other vaccinations before attending inaugural activities.

9. Bring personal supply of toilet paper in the event that supplies are exhausted at, more than 5,000 portable restrooms that will be available for attendees, so come prepared to comfortably handle your personal hygiene.

10. Use sanitation products, hand wipes and sanitizers, which are good to have on-hand to deter, spread of germs and diseases.

11. Prepare vehicles with full tanks of fuel in advance, and also include Metrorail in your travel plans, if feasible.

12. Bring easily portable high-energy foods and snacks, as the nearest food vendor may be inaccessible from your location.

13. Please remember that only service-animals will be permitted on the mall and in secured areas

14. Metro Access

For more information about the Inauguration,  visit the following web sites: 

Parking street closures, etc.:     

Tickets, security, etc.:

Tips courtesy of DC Office on Aging

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Embassy New Delhi

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