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Celebrating Veterans During National Caregivers Month

This article was submitted by a guest commentator. The article focuses on the assistance that is available to help West Virginian veterans and their caregivers and was submitted by Jane Marks, AARP West Virginia State President.

From benefits, to caregiving resources, to assistance finding a job - help is available.
Many of my family members are Veterans, and certainly, you all know of my affinity for and my personal experience as a family caregiver.  November happens to be a month when we recognize both of these important, courageous, 
and amazing individuals.  November is National Family Caregiver Month as well as the month that includes Veterans Day.  I am proud to be a part of an organization that is continually working to assist family caregivers, veterans, service members and their families. In fact we have some new tools and assists that I would like to share with you.

AARP recently released a new, free on line tool that helps veterans and their caregivers easily review health care benefit options offered by the VA and Department of Defense.   You can download and print off this free tool by going to

We also offer a financial workbook for veteran and military caregivers to help you get organized.  There are worksheets designed to help you capture the essential information you need – things like housing, money management and healthcare. Again, you can go to to find this workbook. 

Sometimes a caregiver simply needs to vent, or share feelings and concerns.  I know this was important to my emotional well-being during my active caregiving years.  If you don’t have a support group or another in person resource, AARP has a Facebook Family Caregivers Discussion Group.  It’s a safe, private forum where both civilian and military caregivers back each other up, share advice, best practices and motivational moments. Who doesn’t need a little motivation?!

I have said time and time again, that the AARP caregiving information and tools on our website are second to none.  You can find information on health options, local resources, financial templates and tools, explanations of all the options and so much more.  

For busy caregivers who need a little fun and fulfillment but cannot find the time or someone to care for your loved one, we have our Virtual Community Center.  You can watch free movies through our Movies for Grownups program, we have free exercise videos and classes, and lectures on interesting topics such as gardening, cooking and more.  

For Veterans who want to enter the workforce after serving our country, we have many tools to assist you.  Find tips and tools that can help you get a job.  Utilize our free resume’ advisor to to obtain personalize recommendations to make your resume stand out.  Next visit our on line AARP Job Board. Use the Veterans Wanted Jobs filter to search for employers who are actively seeking applicants with a military background.

And last but never least, let me take this opportunity to thank you – each family caregiver, each Veteran, military service member and military family member. You are a mighty force.  Your work, your care and concern for others, your contribution to the health and safety of individuals and our country is quite simply invaluable.  We salute you, this month and always.   

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