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Older people, especially those with cognitive decline, are vulnerable to financial exploitation. The move from pensions to defined contribution funds adds to the risk as retirees handle their own retirement savings.
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Three Nurses
Access to health care is a top priority for AARP West Virginia, and the state office worked throughout the recent legislative session to improve access and options for patients and family caregivers.
Three Nurses
A state law enacted in 2017 aims to ease the shortage of health care providers in West Virginia, especially in rural areas.
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Healthcare costs
The “Protect Patients First” national tour made a stop in West Virginia on Thursday, July 13. The tour, which launched in early June in Cleveland, aims to inform the public and help persuade senators to reject harmful health care proposals under consideration in Washington.
Latest Survey Reveals Large Majorities of Older Voters Across Party Lines Oppose Age Tax, Removal of Pre-existing Condition Protections, Medicare & Medicaid Cuts
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About 1 in 10 older Americans have reported experiencing elder abuse, and most experts believe the crime is underreported. According to the National Council on Aging, just 1 in 14 cases of abuse against people age 60-plus is reported to authorities.
Medicare Open Enrollment
It’s shopping season for Medicare beneficiaries. Open enrollment, which runs Oct. 15-Dec. 7, is a time to consider whether your current coverage still meets your needs.
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