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Virtual Events Explore Brain Health

Many of us are concerned about our brain and keeping it healthy. What would a day filled with brain-healthy behaviors look like?

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AARP West Virginia invites you to explore what we can do to support a brain-healthy lifestyle. Our State President Jane Marks recently hosted an online virtual brain health learning series to discuss ways we can take charge of our brain health and improve our quality of life at any age.

This virtual education series is based on current brain research, vetted by AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health and AARP’s Staying Sharp program.

Through this research, six lifestyle pillars that support brain health were identified:

1. Engage Your Brain
2. Stay Socially Engaged
3. Manage Stress
4. Exercise
5. Get Restorative Sleep
6. Eat Right


Watch recordings of the Virtual Brain Health Series

Part 1: The Six Pillars of Brain Health

Part 2: How Lifestyle Activities Affect Your Brain Health

Part 3: The Latest Research - Conversation with Dr. Lindsay Chura

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