When you think of healthy food, do you think bland and boring? Wichita Chef Josh Rathbun proved it doesn’t have to be that way during AARP’s healthy cooking class in Wichita in August.

Using recipes developed by Celebrity Chef Rock Harper, cooking class participants chopped and diced, stirred and tossed, simmered and baked, and, most importantly, smiled and laughed their way through the preparation of a healthy meal under the direction of Chef Rathbun.  They made cornbread, vegan chili and quinoa salad all of which were both healthy and delicious.

This particular cooking class is focused on helping prevent diabetes which is more prevalent among African Americans than any other population with the exception of Native Americans. The cooks who participated in the class learned to substitute nutritious ingredients into popular dishes to keep them tasty and appropriate for those who need to keep an eye on calories, carbs and fats. Once prepared the cooks served up the meal to their invited guests.

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