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SEP 20, 2023
Coach SheriAnne talks about easy lunch ideas
The names of the first 10 Medicare drugs whose prices the federal government will negotiate directly with manufacturers were released Aug. 29. Popular but pricey blood thinners, diabetes medications, cancer treatments make historic list.
SEP 7, 2023
By Patrick J. Kiger
SEP 5, 2023
As part of the “Back to Basics” series, Coach SheriAnne will offer tips on making breakfast both nutritious and delicious.
SEP 1, 2023
As con artists ratchet up schemes to get your money, AARP Arizona is working with the state attorney general’s office to help you thwart them.
Free classes to expand your digital knowledge
Arizona is in a 10‐day forecasted stretch of severe heat warnings. Corporation
It’s the Summer holiday season and many of us are out looking for vacation homes, but not everyone is in a buying mood. Across the country thousands of people are looking to get rid of a time share property, a process that can be difficult. Enter criminal scammers who set up slick looking, but fraudulent businesses that promise to help desperate families for a fee.
New Gov. Katie Hobbs is facing a growing older population and is working to beef up Alzheimer's research and housing assistance.
AARP Arizona is involved in the legislative process by advocating for issues important to the 50+ population, including long-term care, caregiving, housing, transportation, and consumer protection, as well as by fighting to protect existing programs and services.
Communities across Arizona are working to become more livable for residents of all ages.
Does someone you love need more day-to-day support? Join us for this free virtual seminar to connect with other caregivers in your area and discover ways to build a supportive team you can rely on.
Five Things to Know About Social Security
We invite you to come socialize with others in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.
Annual Award Recognizes Those Who Make a Difference in their Community
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