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Stretching out their legs and backs
A fitness center in Surprise is seeking to help people with differing physical abilities, chronic medical conditions and aging challenges reach their fitness goals.
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Come to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix for tours and workshops to explore connections between music and memory — including for those facing cognitive impairment.
Medicare Concept
Beneficiaries have all of 2023 to switch plans for a lower price on that diabetes treatment
New protections from surprise medical bills under the No Surprises Act
Girl in sportswear in yoga lotus position on the grass against the backdrop of the city on a sunny day
Miss face-to-face meetings? Coach SheriAnne Little’s Back to Basics nutrition and wellness program is beginning in-person sessions, though the free classes will continue to be available online.
Researchers in Arizona are exploring a new strategy for Alzheimer's disease: taking an existing technology known as deep brain stimulation and seeing if it can slow progression of the disease.
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Bill Allows Medicare to Negotiate Lower Drug Prices and Caps Out-of-Pocket Spending on Medications for Seniors
Electricity bills
AARP Arizona offers tips to manage high summer bills
Scottsdale officials and regional health care provider HonorHealth are teaming up to determine whether the city can be designated as a “blue zones community,” an area where people tend to live longer, healthier lives.
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