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Health & Wellbeing

Get updates on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, health insurance, and your personal health and fitness.
Arizona residents can schedule new COVID-19 vaccine appointments or walk into a nearby pharmacy to get a shot. Here’s how to find an updated vaccine near you.
Simply, healthy dinner ideas from Coach SheriAnne
Coach SheriAnne talks about easy lunch ideas
As part of the “Back to Basics” series, Coach SheriAnne will offer tips on making breakfast both nutritious and delicious.
25 drugs were responsible for $80.9 billion in total Medicare Part D spending in 2021
The National Weather Service has extended the Excessive Heat Warning to thirteen counties across Arizona. Extreme heat conditions pose a significant public health threat, especially for older adults.
New Gov. Katie Hobbs is facing a growing older population and is working to beef up Alzheimer's research and housing assistance.
A fitness center in Surprise is seeking to help people with differing physical abilities, chronic medical conditions and aging challenges reach their fitness goals.
Come to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix for tours and workshops to explore connections between music and memory — including for those facing cognitive impairment.
Beneficiaries have all of 2023 to switch plans for a lower price on that diabetes treatment
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