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AARP Arizona is urging members to make their voices heard in public hearings on the rate proposal.
Rents are increasing—in some cases, doubling—and many older residents on fixed incomes can’t keep up. 
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Program Provides Free Tax Prep Help to All
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Winter is upon us and with temperatures plummeting in many areas, keeping the heat on is critical — a fact that criminals try to take advantage of. They impersonate utility companies, threatening to cut off service if an immediate payment isn’t made. The goal of these crooks is to create a sense of urgency so the target acts quickly to pay the alleged past-due balance.   
Focus on the card with a 15% discount. Lots of discount discount cards.
With APRs at record highs, consumers have to be careful they don’t rack up more debt
Medicare changes every year, which means it can get a little complicated when trying to understand what’s new for you. Join us for a free webinar where we’ll discuss the key takeaways from this year’s Medicare changes and what they may mean for your benefits.
Is your 65th birthday coming up? You know what that means: It’s time to prepare for Medicare. Get ahead of the game with answers from our free webinar on Medicare, including when to enroll, what’s covered and where to find help along the way.
Pendrive and text with tax conceptual.
AARP is committed to keeping your finances safe from fraud this tax season. Before filing your tax returns, take a look at some tips and tricks to avoid scammers and keep your personal information protected:  
Volunteers are ready to help with free tax preparation, despite COVID-19. Options include online and socially distanced services.
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