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AZ Rhythm Connection Virtual Drum, Music & Voice Jam (No jelly) Sessions

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What is a Drum Circle?
A drum circle is any group of people playing hand-drums and percussion in a circle. They are distinct from a drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance. They can range in size from a handful of players to circles with thousands of participants.

Come join us virtually and grab some “Found Sounds” from around the house and join the jam session. Wooden spoons, coffee cans, chop sticks, boxes of Mac-n-Cheese or whatever. Bring ‘em to the party as we make music and move together to favorite songs and awesome drum beats.Please note Frank Thompson is the host of this event. Any information you provide to the host organization, including its online platform, will be governed by its privacy policy.

Be sure to register for these fun and FREE drum circles.
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