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Beyond Words: AARP Arizona interim executive council president Frank Soto shares his story

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Frank Soto was inspired to serve as interim executive council president for AARP Arizona to make a meaningful impact and contribution to the community.

Soto originally found his way to AARP Arizona when he was struggling to find resources and services for his family, leading him to discover the valuable programs the organization provided.

“I saw some of the opportunities where I could impact the community, and give back a little bit. So that's why I became involved with (AARP Arizona),” Soto said.

As a dedicated member for four years, Soto recognizes that the executive council plays a pivotal role in advancing AARP Arizona's initiatives.

According to Soto, the council supports the state offices and state director by offering strategic guidance and facilitating tasks such as allocating community grants.

Soto has gained valuable skills in serving as executive council president, particularly in listening to understand the deeper meaning behind people’s words.

“I've taken that into my personal life by really trying to understand exactly what people are meaning. Not necessarily what they're saying, or what's coming out of their mouth. But, what do they mean? I think that's the biggest skill,” Soto said.

Soto reflected on the impact of AARP’s services by sharing the experience of witnessing programs that provide student scholarships.

“Very deserving students and just seeing their reactions. That was very fulfilling to see,” Soto said. “The work that we're doing actually is making an impact and helping people.”

During his time on the executive council, Soto observed consistent success in AARP Arizona initiatives. The group emphasizes the importance of being realistic and practical when goal setting.

“They’re very successful in executing on their goals. That’s one of the things that the executive council always talks about. How realistic are you? How are you going to be able to execute all those things?” Soto said. “From what I've seen, they touch on everything that they shoot for and are very successful at it.”

Volunteering with AARP Arizona offers many opportunities to collaborate with individuals from different communities and backgrounds. Volunteers acquire a wealth of knowledge, gain essential skills, and broaden their perspectives by enriching their personal and professional lives.

If you are ready to make an impact in your community, sign up to become an AARP Arizona volunteer.

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