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Sorting Fact From Fiction: Inside the Mind of the “Original Internet Godfather”

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Brett Johnson

Join AARP Arizona to hear from a former dark web mastermind and details on how scammers convince you to hand over your hard-earned money

A Former Dark Web Mastermind Details How Scammers Convince You To Hand Over Your Hard-Earned Money  

Deep within the internet is the Dark Web, a space where criminals can anonymously buy and sell illegal goods and private information. Known as the “Original Internet Godfather,” Brett Johnson created one of the dark web’s first online stores where criminals bought stolen credit cards, Social Security numbers, drugs and guns. After serving seven years in prison, Brett turned his back on criminal enterprise and became a consultant for the Secret Service and the cybersecurity industry.  

Want to get a rare look inside the mind of a master con-artist? Join us for this special event as Brett Johnson reveals how he became a con man and why he changed his ways. You’ll learn how to protect yourself from cybercriminals and you’ll have the opportunity to ask Brett your own questions.  

Please join us!
Wednesday, December 2, 10AM-11:15 Arizona  
The event is virtual so please register at;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=EDD2E5C4-1FE1-47C2-9C6D-B7EE99B021DD

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