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The Colorado Alliance for Latino Mentors and Authors (CALMA)* is being formed because the organizers believe a thriving and functioning democracy requires that all voices must be heard.

This has traditionally not been the case in our country.

The written word carries with it, the history of our people. We must be proactive in keeping pace in the marketplace the artistic ideas of our Latino community. What we say and write must be fused and become part of the American literary tradition, anything less than that, is unacceptable.

As our country becomes even more ethnically diverse, it is imperative that all voices and opinions be heard. This is more than a goal; it is a moral obligation. Inclusion and diversity are inviting words, but they have limited impact unless they are put into practice.

Our country is experiencing a dramatic demographic shift coupled with racial and cultural dynamics, and how we respond will determine what kind of world in which we choose to live.

In this new world we can only thrive if all voices are not merely heard but valued. CALMA seeks to champion the written voice of Latina/o authors in Colorado so that we will accomplish our goals of being a more inclusive nation and society.

Our Strategies and Ideas

In order to give substance to CALMA’s vision and mission, the following strategies and ideas will serve as a starting point. CALMA welcomes the thinking and input from all Colorado Latina/o authors in designing the most supportive and impactful platform to support us all. CALMA will strive to do the following:

• Identify and acknowledge current Latina/o authors in Colorado.

• Help in promoting and marketing the work of the Latina/o authors in Colorado.

• Inspire, mentor and coach aspiring Latina/o writers in Colorado.

• Promote the mantra to write and tell “our own” story and history by featuring excerpts on the website of various Latina/o authors in Colorado.

• Provide bi-monthly “round table” sessions with topics to support authors.

• Prepare a resource link with tips and suggestions regarding self-publishing and ISBN numbers, Library of Congress acceptance and more.

• Become a hub of information pertaining to graphic design art, formatting/editing, publishing, feedback and a potential agent.

• Design marketing strategies that include:

o Social Media.

o Book Tours.

o Panel Discussions.

o Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club.

o History Colorado/El Movimiento.

o International Latino Book Awards.

o Colorado Libraries/REFORMA.

CALMA Founders are officially launching the website with a recorded virtual Author Zoom Mixer on Oct. 15. Colorado Authors listed on the website are invited and Colorado Author Dr. Arturo Jimenez will be interviewed about his new book DREAMers Nightmare: The U.S. War on Immigrant LatinX Children. The recording will be posted afterward on YouTube under La Gente Legacy. Aspiring Latino Writers and Authors in Colorado can get more information about CALMA @

*This is not an AARP event. Any information you provide to the host organization will be governed by its privacy policy.

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