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Retirement: Is it as simple as it sounds?


There are many concerns compounding the complexities of choosing to retire. These can include worries of income loss or living on a fixed income to having too much free time. For some, retirement can have an impact on your relationships or your physical and emotional health. Maybe life did not always provide opportunities to save money the way you had hoped. Maybe you didn’t find hobbies that provide the similar sense of purpose we often get from work. Solutions are not always right in front of you. It can take creativity or thinking outside the box.

Home sharing is a creative solution, but it is not a new idea. Since time began, people have been sharing the space in their homes to earn income, solve the affordable housing shortage, and build community. At the turn of 18th century, they called them rooming houses or boarding houses. Many of our ancestors came to this country and got by through the generosity of others who shared their space.

Home sharing builds community and creates friendships. It can provide an increase access to income without employment and creates affordable housing to those in need. Home sharing often provides access to help with chores such as yardwork or snow shoveling. It can be a creative solution to the complexities of retirement and aging in place.

Sunshine Home Share Colorado is a nonprofit organization assisting people 55 and older to utilize the empty space in their home to earn income through a safe and thoughtful matching process. Home sharing can be a rewarding experience for older adults. Some home sharers benefit by trading decreased rent for help with in-home services (ie house-keeping, snow shoveling, transportation, and yardwork).

Can a home sharing relationship help bridge your retirement income gap, help you create a renewed sense of purpose and build a new community, while being part of the affordable housing crisis solution?

We know it can and we’re here to help.

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