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Vision Problems? Check out No Copay Radio

AttachmentKim Wardlow, the executive director of the Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) works primarily with people who experience vision loss, ensuring information is available for those who age where reading is increasingly difficult. The organization essentially brings print material to life through audio broadcasting.

Wardlow shares 29 years of experience and knowledge to shed light on:
· What types of materials does the AINC record and broadcast.
· The connection to No Copay Radio.
· How to get involved with the Audio Information Network of Colorado.
· The primary age demographic that accesses the services.
· Managing the changing needs and tastes of listeners.
· The biggest challenge for people to access the extensive library of audio content.

For more information about the Audio Information Network of Colorado, visit or you can contact them via phone at 303-786-7777.

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