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AARP Georgia's Rx T. Rex Roared in Midtown for Our National Day of Action to Urge Congress to Take a Bite Out of High Drug Prices


Your eyes aren’t tricking you: AARP’s drug-price-fighting Tyrannosaurus Rexes—known as the “Rx T. Rex”—are back and roaring about their mission to make high drug prices extinct. This time the mighty dinos are stomping around Capitol Hill and all across the nation, urging Congress to take a bite out of high drug prices.

AARP supports four dino-mite principles for federal legislation to make the price of prescription drugs less terrifying: 1) a cap on out-of-pocket costs for seniors, 2) a crackdown on drug prices and price increases, 3) an increase in competition, 4) and greater transparency.

The Rx T. Rexes will visit offices on Capitol Hill today and make stops in all 50 states, roaring about the need to lower prescription drug prices. AARP members nationwide will join them for “Take a Bite Out of Rx Prices” Day, calling their members of Congress and urging them to advance legislation in the House and Senate.

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