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By Mark Niesse, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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ATLANTA—AARP Georgia released the following statement today in response to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s decision to send absentee ballot request forms to voters in advance of the state’s primary election. Said Debra Tyler-Horton, AARP Georgia State Director:
Also included is info about voting early!
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In Georgia, an estimated 626,070 people, or 25 percent of the rural population, are without access to 25 Mbps/3 Mbps internet service. This lack of high-speed internet, or broadband as it is commonly referred, can have a lasting impact.
Voters age 50 and older were the deciding factor in last year’s midterm elections, according to the National Election Pool Exit Poll results. The findings confirmed that 50-plus voters made up the majority of voters, 51 percent here in Georgia. Candidates who ignored these voters, Georgia’s most powerful voting group, paid a price on Election Day.
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Midterm Election Day is just days away! Be the Difference.
Health care, Social Security and prescription costs are key issues for 50+ Americans in November elections
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