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How to Vote in Georgia’s 2022 Elections

En español | Georgia’s May 24 primaries will determine which candidates appear on November’s general election ballot for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, State Senate and House, governor, lieutenant governor and other state executive offices, as well as several state high courts.

What's new this year:

The passage of a 2021 voting law introduced some changes to voting procedures, some of which are being challenged in the courts. But in the meantime, here are new rules to remember: 

  • There are new ID requirements for requesting an absentee ballot.
  • Every county will have at least one drop box for absentee ballots, and all drop boxes will be indoors and not available 24/7.
  • Outer envelopes for absentee ballots must include the voter’s driver’s license or state ID number, or the last four digits of the voter’s Social Security number.

A redistricting plan, approved for this year, may affect the boundaries of your district and which candidates run there.  

Residents Cast Ballots For Georgia Senate Runoff Election
Voters line up outside of a polling location in Atlanta.
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Essential info:

  • Absentee or mail-in ballot voting: This is an option for all Georgia voters. But absentee ballots are not sent out automatically; you need to request and apply for one.  
  • Early in-person voting: This kind of voting — also called advanced voting — is available starting on the fourth Monday before an election at any early polling site in your county.   
  • In-person voting on Election Day: The state’s primary election is Tuesday, May 24, and the general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Poll hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

How do I register to vote?

  • By phone: Call your county elections office to request a voter registration application. Or call the elections division of the secretary of state’s office at 404-656-2871.  
  • In person: Visit your county elections office. Or you can register to vote when you renew or apply for your driver’s license at the Georgia Department of Driver Services. You can also pick up and submit voter registration forms at public libraries, public assistance offices, military recruitment stations, other government offices, or schools or colleges with voting-aged students. 

Check your registration status by visiting the secretary of state’s My Voter Page. If after submitting your application you don’t receive a precinct card in the mail, call your county elections office to check on the status of your application. A precinct card proves you’re registered to vote and tells you where to vote, but you’re not required to have it with you when you vote. 

The deadline to register to vote in Georgia is Monday, April 25, for the primary election. The last day to register online for the general election is Oct. 10; otherwise, the registration deadline is Oct. 11, since Oct. 10 is a state holiday. 

Does my party affiliation matter when I vote?

Georgia voters do not select a political party affiliation when they register to vote. But during political primary elections you can choose to participate in the Democratic or Republican primary by selecting a party ballot. Or you can choose a non-partisan ballot. If you opt to use a party ballot in the primary and a runoff election follows, you can vote only in the primary runoff of the party you selected before. 

No matter what ballot you choose in the primaries, you will not be formally affiliated with any party. And during the general election, voters use the same ballot, regardless of party affiliation. 

How can I get a mail-in or absentee ballot? Are there important deadlines?

Any registered Georgia voter can request an absentee ballot online, by mail, by phone or in person and safely vote from home. 

  • Online: Sign in on the My Voter Page to find an Absentee Ballot Request Information box with a link to the absentee ballot application. Download and complete the form, then fax or email it to your county registrar. You can also email your county elections office to request an absentee ballot application, but be sure to send a separate email for each request in your household. Or visit the Georgia secretary of state’s website for information about absentee voting and to download the application.  
  • By phone: Call your county election’s office to request an application. Or call the elections division of the secretary of state’s office at 404-656-2871.  

Absentee ballot applications require a valid Georgia driver’s license, a state ID card number, the last four digits of a Social Security number or other identifying documents outlined on the secretary of state’s website. Applications can be requested as early as March 7 for the May 24 primaries and Aug. 22 for the Nov. 8 general election. The deadline to submit an absentee ballot application is May 13 for the primaries and Oct. 28 for the general election. 
Completed absentee ballots can be returned in person or by mail. Be sure to include your driver’s license or state ID number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number, on the outer envelope. Ballots must arrive at your county elections office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. 

  • In person: Ballot drop boxes are available at only some locations during early voting periods. Your county’s drop box locations will be available when you log in to the My Voter Page closer to the election dates.  

  • By mail: Mail completed ballots to your county registrar. Mail your ballot at least seven days before the election to help ensure it arrives by the time polls close on Election Day. 

Can I track my absentee ballot?

Yes, the status of your mail-in or absentee ballot can be tracked through the secretary of state’s My Voter Page and Georgia BallotTrax

Can I vote in person before Election Day?

Yes. Local elected officials are required by law to allow early in-person voting beginning on the fourth Monday prior to an election, so Monday, May 2, for the primaries and Monday, Oct. 17, for the general election. 

Early voting ends the Friday before Election Day, so May 20 for the primaries and Nov. 4 for the general election. Unlike Election Day, when you must go to your precinct’s polling place, during early voting you can go to any advanced polling location in your county. 

Early voting locations and hours will be available through the My Voter Page or on county election websites two weeks before early voting starts.

When is Election Day? When are polls open?

The primary election is Tuesday, May 24, and the general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

On Election Day, you can vote only in your precinct. Check the My Voter Page to confirm your polling location. 

Do I need identification to vote?

You must show an acceptable form of photo identification when voting in person, which can be: 

  • A Georgia driver’s license, even if it’s expired 
  • A valid U.S. passport 
  • Any valid photo ID card issued by the state or federal government, including a free ID card issued by the Georgia Department of Driver Services or your county registrar’s office 
  • A valid U.S. military photo ID card 
  • A valid tribal photo ID card 
  • A valid employee photo ID card from any department, branch, entity or agency of the U.S. government or any state, county, municipality, authority, board or other Georgia entity 

If you don’t have an acceptable form of photo identification, you can get a free voter ID card from the Department of Driver Services or any county registrar’s office

If you have trouble getting a free voter ID card or have questions about the identification requirements, contact your county registrar’s or election office, or the secretary of state’s elections division at 404-656-2871 (toll-free at 844-753-7825). TTY callers can dial 404-656-1787. 

What races are on the ballot in 2022?

  • U.S. Senate: 1 seat 
  • U.S. House: all 14 seats 
  • State Senate: all 56 seats 
  • State House: all 180 seats 
  • State Supreme Court: 4 of 9 seats 
  • State Court of Appeals: 4 of 15 seats 
  • Governor 
  • Lieutenant Governor 
  • Other state executives: Attorney General, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Agriculture Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner, Public Service Commissioner  

Editor’s note: This guide was updated on on April 27 with early voting information and details about absentee ballot requirements. The guide was first published on July 31, 2020.

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