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Identity theft affects millions of families every year totaling billions of dollars in losses. The safe disposal of documents containing sensitive information, such as medical history, Social Security numbers and banking information, is one of the best ways to prevent identity theft and fraud.
Financial System Fraud - Phishing
It is becoming more common for people to look for ways to supplement their income, and job listings for “work from home” jobs are becoming more popular because they are so convenient.
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Computer viruses are scary, and scammers exploit this fear to gain access to your personal information. They do this by tricking you into thinking your computer or other device has been compromised, and that you need their help to fix the problem.
Fraud Watch Network’s campaign on online relationship scams released results of a new survey about consumers’ experiences with online friendships and dating.
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At this time of year, don’t be surprised to hear about home repair salespeople going door-to-door looking for work. Are they reputable and licensed? Maybe, but don’t take any chances.
Heart Shape Fishing
Along with the rise in dating website use, there comes a rise in online dating scams. Scammers create fake profiles, build relationships with individuals through the dating site, and then attempt to steal their money and disappear.
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It's that time of year where Grinches are looking for ways to hijack your holiday joy! Be sure to use these tips (one or all) to help ensure a festive holiday season!
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