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A mysterious scammer hacks into private information through a computer and smart phone.
Georgia consumers reported $158 million in fraud losses in 2022, according to FTC data.
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AARP Georgia is teaming up with some of the state’s most popular athletes to promote AARP’s Fraud Watch Network.
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AARP Georgia and four members of the national champion University of Georgia football team have come together to help Georgians stay safe from fraud and scams through releasing a video promoting the organization’s Fraud Watch Network (FWN).
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AARP is committed to keeping your finances safe from fraud this tax season. Before filing your tax returns, take a look at some tips and tricks to avoid scammers and keep your personal information protected:  
Scam Alert
Unfortunately, there are many who target those who have served our country.
Scam Alert
As coronavirus scams multiply, DOJ issues tips to recognize and avoid them
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Heads up! Over the weekend, a series of posts emerged on social media claiming that eligibility for financial relief checks related to the COVID-19 coronavirus would be determined by whether one has responded to the Census.
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With 2020 Census Pending, Findings Show Many May Not Recognize Expected Census Scams
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Check out this post from the FTC to learn tips that might keep the fraudsters at bay
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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!
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