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New Scam Tactic: Beware of Fraud Robocalls Using AI

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ATLANTA, Georgia— Fraud and robocalls are more than just a nuisance—they're a significant threat to consumers' finances and well-being. In the latest episode of AARP Georgia’s “Nothing But a Number,” Hilary Williams Thomas, Senior Associate State Director of Advocacy and Outreach with AARP Georgia, sits down with Anna Burns, Regional Director for the Southeast Region of the Federal Trade Commission, to mull over valuable insights on how to identify and protect yourself from various scams.

One of the primary topics discussed was the purpose and effectiveness of the Do Not Call List. Burns said, “The Do Not Call List works to keep legitimate companies from calling you, so scammers are not going to pay attention to the list.” This highlights the importance of recognizing that calls received despite being on the list are likely scams.

Robocalls are a persistent problem, often linked to scammers who disregard legal restrictions. “Scammers see the Do Not Call List as a ‘please call’ list,” said Burns. These robocalls are scam calls that are designed to extract money by preying on an individuals’ fears and trust.

A new and alarming trend is the use of artificial intelligence to facilitate imposter scams. “If you’re putting your voice on social media or making videos, scammers can use AI to mimic your voice and trick your loved ones,” said Burns. This advancement in technology means it's more crucial than ever to verify the identity of callers, even if they sound familiar.

The episode offers several practical tips for avoiding scams:

• Educate yourself by visiting the FTC website for comprehensive consumer tips and learn how to report scams at

• Verify calls by always double-checking the official number of the entity or individual claiming to contact you.

• Be cautious with personal information and avoid sharing sensitive details over the phone, especially with unsolicited callers.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode of “Nothing But a Number.” Listen to the full episode now and equip yourself with the tools to combat fraud. Tune in on your favorite streaming platform and join the conversation.

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