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Celebrating Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Embracing Diversity and Unity

By Jenny Jensen and Nicole Emmett

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ATLANTA, Georgia — May is a month of celebration and reflection as we honor Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage. At AARP Georgia, we recognize the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the rich cultural tapestry, traditions, and contributions of the AAPI community. This month, we invite you to join us as we celebrate diversity, unity, and resilience.

Embracing Cultural Diversity:

The AAPI community encompasses a wide array of cultures, languages, and traditions, each contributing to the vibrant mosaic of American society. From the bustling streets of Chinatowns, Thaitowns, Koreatowns, and Little Indias to the serene landscapes of the Pacific Islands, AAPI heritage is a celebration of diversity in all its forms. It is a reminder that our strength lies in our differences and our ability to come together in unity.

Honoring Contributions:

Throughout history, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made invaluable contributions to every aspect of American life, from science and technology (Ajay Bhatt, computer architect, creator of the USB) to arts (Maya Ying Lin, designer of the Vietnam War Memorial, film (Anna May Wong, the first AAPI movie starand literature (Jhumpa Lahiri, Pulizer Prize winner for fiction in 2000.)

From the Chinese laborers who built the transcontinental railroad to activists such as Larry Itliong who played a vitial role in the formation of the nation’s leading agricultural labor union, the United Farm Workers; to Mabel Ping-Hua Lee who was a key player for women’s right to vote; which paved the way for Thai American Tammy Duckworth to be elected Senator. AAPI individuals have played essential roles in shaping our nation's past, present, and future. It is essential to recognize and honor these contributions as we strive for a more inclusive and equitable society.

During AAPI Heritage Month, let us celebrate the rich cultural heritage, traditions, and contributions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Let us embrace diversity, honor resilience, and amplify voices as we work towards a more just and inclusive society. At AARP Georgia, we are proud to stand with the AAPI community and our AAPI staff in solidarity and celebration. Join us in commemorating this special month and embracing the spirit of unity, diversity and inclusion.

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