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Meet AARP Georgia Volunteer Jean Yarsawich

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While AARP Georgia volunteer Jean Yarsawich loves to travel all around the world, she also loves to learn and educate herself about different programs.

The Connecticut native attended the University of Connecticut, where she studied Nutrition & Food Service. After working for a while, she realized that she wanted to combine her love of travel with her career. Her career has led her to work in states like Nashville, Philadelphia, Virginia, Boston, New Hampshire, and Georgia. In 2016, Yarsawich retired as Chief of Nutrition from VA Hospital in Augusta.

“I enjoyed the commodity and the mission of the VA Hospital,” said Yarsawich. “I love taking care of veterans.”

She became one of the first people in the country to start a mobile kitchen in the VA hospitals in Augusta, where she could take orders and make breakfast for patients on their floor.

“One of my favorite memories was when a veteran came up to us in his wheelchair and thanked us for making him scrambled eggs,” Yarsawich said. “I had a great time working for the VA.”

She became an AARP Georgia volunteer in 2016, and she says that she loves being a part of the community.

“What I love about being an AARP Georgia volunteer is the opportunity to serve in the community, learning new things, and also have fun,” Yarsawich said. “Since I traveled so much in my career, I was never able to be a part of a community.”

When it comes to disrupting aging, Yarsawich says that it is important to continue to learn and explore new horizons.

“There are all these different opportunities to keep learning, and that excites me. AARP really feeds into my true love, which is volunteering and learning,” she said.

Yarsawich loves to travel around the world, and she set a life goal to visit 50 countries and 50 states. Currently, she has visited 49 states and 49 countries.

“I love to meet people in different parts of the world. I also love going to ancient sites like Great Wall of China or the pyramids in Egypt,” Yarsawich said. “I’ve been to South Africa and took a walk with cheetahs.”

When she travels, she tries to go to local markets, and try to meet new people. She says even though the people she may interact with may not speak the same language, it is all about the moment of contact with other people.

Yarsawich is a proud AARP member, and she wants everyone else to realize how beneficial AARP can be.

“I love AARP. It has been a tremendous opportunity. I have met people in the community and all over the country, and I just want other people to realize what a great resource it is.”

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