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“On The Beat”: 2024 Legislative Session & Beyond


ATLANTA, Georgia -- As we step into the promising realm of the 2024 legislative session, AARP Georgia proudly positions itself at the forefront of advocating for the needs and interests of individuals aged 50 and above.

Our AARP Georgia State Advocacy Team, equipped with expertise in Georgia politics, elections, and voter engagement, is geared up to empower and educate Georgians ages 50-plus throughout this important time.

Introducing “On The Beat” presented by AARP Georgia.

As critical 2024 legislative decisions unfold, AARP Georgia is equipped to analyze, interpret, and communicate their impacts on the 50-plus population throughout the state – from the busting streets of Midtown Atlanta – where AARP Georgia is located right on Peachtree Street—to areas of rural Georgia you may never have had the chance to visit yet. This series will continue beyond 2024 and will be your updated go-to resource.

Why AARP Georgia?

AARP Georgia’s State Advocacy Team is beacon of knowledge and support in the realm of Georgia politics.

Expertise in Georgia Politics: Our Advocacy Team brings you “On The Beat” as a robust, live, bookmark-able blog post on that brings you a clear, credible timeline of what’s unfolding in Georgia's dynamic political landscape.

Count on AARP Georgia to keep you informed about policies that matter most to you and your loved ones.

Election Insights: In the ever-evolving world of elections, AARP Georgia’s Advocacy Team stands tall as a reliable, relevant and credible source of information. Whether it's reminding Georgia voters of key dates, registration details, early voting, or mail-in voting procedures, AARP Georgia has you covered.

Stay ahead with AARP Georgia as your go-to guide for navigating the electoral process.

Voter Education and Voter Engagement: At the heart of our mission is the commitment to empowering individuals through knowledge. The Advocacy Team is dedicated to providing comprehensive voter education tailored to the 50-plus community. We believe an informed voter is an empowered voter, and we strive to make your voice heard.

Connecting Communities: AARP Georgia isn't just about policies and elections; it's about building a community. Our Advocacy Team works tirelessly to foster connections among individuals aged 50 and above, creating a network that amplifies our collective impact. Join us in shaping the future together.

As the 2024 legislative session unfolds, AARP Georgia's Advocacy Team is your steadfast partner in navigating the intricacies of Georgia politics and elections. Empowering the 50-plus community is not just our goal; it's our passion. Stay informed, engaged, and connected with AARP Georgia, where your voice matters, and your future is our priority.

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