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Podcast Episode 4: A Journey Into The Field Of Aging with Betsy Teasley: “I Truly Love It”

Nothing But A Number Episode 4

ATLANTA, Georgia -- Join Wallace White, Associate State Director of AARP Georgia of Advocacy and Outreach, in an enlightening episode of AARP Georgia's "Nothing But A Number" Podcast with Betsy Teasley, Health and Wellness Program Manager at the Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission.


Teasley's journey into the field of aging wasn't planned, but fated, she stumbled upon a career that became her passion. From teaching to older adults, she found fulfillment in imparting knowledge and serving her community.

As she puts it, "I never expected to be teaching older adults...but here I am, and I truly love it."

In their conversation, they spoke about the significance of evidence-based programs in supporting caregivers and older adults alike. Teasley shed light on initiatives like “Powerful Tools for Caregivers,” where caregivers find solace, support, and valuable resources to navigate their journey.

But it's not just about programs; it's about the human connection. Teasley shared heartwarming moments of visiting older adults, where a simple smile or hug could brighten their day.

“The reward comes daily when we go out into the's the most rewarding thing,” Teasley said.

She discussed the challenges of adapting to ever-changing regulations while striving to meet the needs of the community. Yet, amidst challenges, the dedication to service remains unwavering.

As the CSRA Regional Commission embraces its age-friendly designation, Teasley envisions a future where collaboration and innovation pave the way for a more inclusive society. With a focus on livability domains and community partnerships, they're on a mission to enhance the quality of life for older adults across the region.

If you're intrigued by aging services or want to learn more, reach out to the Aging and Disability Resource Connection at (706) 210-2018.

Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations, because here, age is just the beginning.

For the full episode on your preferred streaming platform, join us on this journey of discovery, where age is truly nothing but a number.

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