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Retirement savings plan to pave the way for Georgia’s “financial health”


ATLANTA, Georgia — In the latest episode of "Nothing But a Number," Alice Bennett from AARP Georgia discusses the Work and Save legislation for Georgia, featuring insights from Kathie Summers Grice, managing partner and founder of Dirigo Partners, a national advocacy firm.

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Grice, who began her career 40 years ago as a campaign manager for the Massachusetts State Senate majority leader, has since worked on presidential elections and over 200 advocacy campaigns nationwide. She shares her experience in passing Work and Save legislation in various states and highlights the importance of understanding local political dynamics.

“Every state is unique and different; the demographics and issues vary,” Grice says. She emphasizes the need to align the right messengers with the correct messages to drive legislative initiatives effectively.

Advocacy involves creating a “surround sound” around legislative initiatives. Grice discusses engaging diverse voices and building a narrative that resonates with each state's specific demographics and political landscape. “It's about building out the surround sound around legislative initiatives that will help drive that initiative,” she explains.

Grice praises AARP’s approach to involving various stakeholders, from community partners to small businesses, in the advocacy process. She stresses the importance of continuous engagement, even when the legislature is not in session, to ensure ongoing support for the legislation.

Work and Save legislation are vital for the future financial stability of many Georgians. As the population ages, the need for adequate retirement savings becomes more pressing. Without proper mechanisms in place, the burden on state budgets will increase significantly due to the rising costs of healthcare, housing, and other social services.

“Getting the next generations into the routine of saving is essential for their future and for the state’s financial health,” Grice says. This legislation is about enabling individuals to take responsibility for their retirement savings, ultimately benefiting everyone.

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