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Unlock Your Retirement Future: How AARP's Advocacy is Making a Difference

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ATLANTA, Georgia-- In the latest episode of "Nothing But a Number," Alice Bennett from AARP Georgia discusses the critical issue of retirement preparedness with Jessica Eckman, Government Affairs Director at AARP's national office. The conversation covers the importance of AARP's advocacy for work and save legislation, various retirement options, and their impact on small businesses and communities.


Why AARP Supports Work and Save Legislation

Eckman highlights the alarming retirement crisis, noting that over half of private sector employees in Georgia lack access to employer-provided retirement plans. This issue affects 2.1 million people in the state, and if left unaddressed, could cost Georgia eight billion dollars by 2040. AARP advocates for work and save programs to mitigate these consequences.

Exploring Retirement Options

The discussion explores various retirement models such as automatic IRAs, multiple employer plans, and voluntary IRAs. These options offer flexible and efficient ways for workers to save, benefiting both employees and employers. Eckman emphasizes the simplicity and affordability of these programs in fostering widespread retirement security.

Building Partnerships for Retirement Security

AARP's advocacy efforts extend to small businesses and community leaders. By collaborating with stakeholders and addressing their needs, AARP aims to remove barriers preventing businesses from offering retirement plans. Eckman highlights the importance of such partnerships in promoting initiatives that benefit all.

Empowering Individuals Across Generations

Retirement security is a concern for all age groups, not just seniors. AARP encourages individuals to start saving early and emphasizes the long-term benefits of sound financial planning. Whether it's delaying Social Security or building emergency savings, the message is clear: proactive retirement planning is crucial for everyone's future.

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