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Unveiling the Impact: AARP Georgia's February Events that Resonated Across the State

ATLANTA, Georgia -- In the heart of Atlanta, February witnessed a confluence of events orchestrated by AARP Georgia, leaving an indelible mark on the community. From the influential Lobby Day at the State Capitol to a pivotal hearing for the Peach State Saves plan, culminating in a celebration of Black History Month with "Finding Your Roots: The Importance of Genealogy," these events showcased AARP Georgia's commitment to advocacy, community engagement, and celebrating shared heritage.

1. Lobby Day 2024: Shaping Legislative Priorities

Lobby Day, held at Central Presbyterian Church, near the State Capitol, served as a rallying point for AARP Georgia volunteers, members, and elected officials. The day began with an air of excitement, as buses from across the state converged in Midtown Atlanta. The event's command center buzzed with activity, laying the foundation for impactful discussions on crucial issues affecting the 50+ community.

Associate State Director-Advocacy, Alice Bennett, set the tone with insights into effective advocacy strategies and the importance of building relationships with lawmakers. The day unfolded with passionate group discussions on financial security and retirement planning options. A pivotal moment came when Senator Chuck Hufstetler spoke about the Peach State Saves plan, emphasizing the importance of optional retirement savings.

Debra Tyler Horton, AARP Georgia State Director, moderated a Q&A panel further allowed participants to delve deeper into legislative priorities. The day culminated in the annual Lobby Day tradition of a group photo in front of the Capitol, symbolizing unity and the collective voice of AARP Georgia.

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2. Hearing for Peach State Saves Plan: A Step Towards Financial Security

A crucial event in February was the Senate Retirement Committee hearing for the Peach State Saves plan at the Georgia Capitol. Senator Chuck Hufstetler, the bill's sponsor, was present, along with AARP Georgia's Associate Director of Advocacy, Alice Bennett. The hearing marked a pivotal step toward providing Georgians with an optional retirement savings option, emphasizing the importance of prudent financial planning for the future. The data and information shared with the committee was very well-received. To ensure the plan adopted by the state has no negative impact on small business employers and employees, the senator will introduce a study committee with clear instructions on implementation of the plan.


3. "Finding Your Roots": A Celebration of Black History Month

AARP Georgia celebrated Black History Month with a unique event, "Finding Your Roots: The Importance of Genealogy." Hosted at the historic Auburn Avenue Research Library, the event aimed to explore the value of documenting and preserving family history. Distinguished panelists, including Atlanta news legend Monica Pearson and lead genealogist Akosua E. Moore, illuminated the intricate world of genealogy.

The event schedule included a setup by AARP Georgia staff and volunteers, a reception, and a discussion moderated by Monica Pearson. The evening concluded with a deeper understanding of individual family histories and their broader cultural implications, enriching the community's appreciation for its collective heritage.

In addition to the “Finding Your Roots” event, AARP was part of a group that honored Rosa Parks & Transit Equity Day in Augusta, partnered with Feed the Streetz to provide meals to the homeless in Atlanta, hosted a Senior Day at the New Black Wall Street in Lithonia, and presented a screening of “Respect Yourself: The Music of a Movement”, a concert curated and performed by the singer/songwriter Kipper Jones.


February witnessed AARP Georgia spearheading events that transcended mere gatherings, becoming milestones in the pursuit of advocacy, financial security, and cultural enrichment. The collective impact of Lobby Day, the Peach State Saves plan hearing, and the "Finding Your Roots" event reverberates across the state, symbolizing AARP Georgia's unwavering commitment to empowering the 50+ community and fostering a deeper understanding of shared heritage.

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