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AARP Live to Discuss Candidates' Plans for Updating Social Security

Over 50% of those 65+ in the US rely on Social Security for most of their family income.  Though America has evolved over the last 80 years, Social Security has not.  With no change to current policy and spending, Social Security can only continue to pay out full benefits until 2034.

It’s important that our future president has a plan to keep Social Security strong for generations to come.


That’s why AARP has asked presidential candidates to Take A Stand on Social Security and commit to making it a priority during their term in office.

This month on AARP Live, join AARP Vermont state director, Greg Marchildon, AARP Maine state director, Lori Parham and AARP Kentucky Volunteer Charlotte Whitaker as they discuss the candidates’ plans for updating Social Security.  They’ll answer your questions and share how you can voice your concerns in Washington!

If you’ve got a question or a story about why Social Security matters to you - we want to hear from you! Join the conversation by calling in live at 877-283-7570, or send a Tweet to @AARPLive. Plus, four lucky callers will have the chance to win a Galvanized Water Tank . Rules apply.

Watch AARP Live on RFD TV or online at

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