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Iowa Intern Insights

Brandi Dye, Iowa intern

I am twenty-nine years away from being eligible for an AARP membership. What do I know about the life experiences that the 50+ community share? Not much. But this week has been packed full of events and I think I may have a way the 50+ community and us Millennials are quite similar.

One of the events I attended this week was a lunch and learn event regarding the possibility of changing healthcare. The healthcare information was important, and I remember at least little bit of it, but what I remember most about the event has nothing to do with its content (sorry Anthony).

Two AARP volunteers were at a table, checking guests in. I overheard a dirty joke shared between the two of them. Something about making an iPad work. They were in stiches. Funnily enough, it felt like a joke I might make with my gal pals. It was not a joke they shared with the twenty-something intern. And that’s okay. It’s not a joke I would have shared with my mom or grandma. Everybody, regardless of age, connects better with their peers.

I often think that I don’t have much in common with my parents or grandparents. But this week has opened my eyes to the fact that I probably do. They just share their dirty jokes and secret crushes with their besties, just like I do.

Nobody turns 50 and all of a sudden is only interested in the weather or baking. Personalities don’t devolve with age. This week has definitely disrupted my views on aging. Good.

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