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The biggest shopping season of the year is, unfortunately, also the biggest scamming season. Criminals are out in force during the holidays trying to steal your money and personal information. Learn about ways to help protect you and your loved ones.
If you’ve been the victim of a scam and don’t know where to turn, we’re here to help! Volunteers from our Fraud Watch Network Helpline will be standing by to talk to you live during our first-ever, online “Fraudcast” – a special event we’ve planned just for you!
Learn about ways to protect yourself and your loved ones at our free, two-part webinar.
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Phishing scams aim to acquire valuable personal and financial data — such as your Social Security number, credit card details or passwords for online accounts — to steal your identity, your money or both. They are mostly associated with email but can come in many forms, including social media, pop-up ads, “vishing” (voice phishing by phone), “smishing” (phishing by text message) and “pharming” (drawing victims to bogus websites).
Learn about ways to avoid illegal robocalls and phone scams in this free, two-part webinar.
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AARP Iowa is encouraging local groups to schedule Fraud Watch Network presentations in 2019.
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AARP Iowa hosted a live event on April 10 to discuss fraud, scams, and identity theft with AARP members across the state. The call featured Iowa State Director Brad Anderson, State Attorney General Tom Miller, Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen, and Jessica Whitney and Al Perales from the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. The experts shared information on various scams such as the IRS scam, investment scams, and caller ID spoofing.
Fraud prevention button, concept about cybersecurity and credit card protection
Not in the Des Moines area? Or unable to stop by our table at the Des Moines Playhouse Performances of Catch Me If You Can?
Discard old confidential documents safely and securely at our FREE Shred Day in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines . Bring up to three boxes of documents (per household). Staples and paper clips are fine, but all binders need to be removed.  No registration is needed.
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The Social Security Administration is using new public service announcements to warn Americans about the increasing number of telephone scams and to advise what to do about them.
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