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Iowans for Securing Social Security

You paid into Social Security your whole working life with every early morning, long day and late night. You’ve earned it. And, like most other Iowans, you’re depending on it for retirement.

That’s why AARP Iowa is urging those in Washington to work across the aisle and make sure retirees receive the benefits they've earned. We’ve got to fight hard now to keep Social Security strong for you, your kids and your grandkids.

Without Congressional action, benefits could be cut by 20%. That’s money Iowans are owed and money that one-third of older Iowans depend on just to get by.

With looming Social Security shortfalls, the 2024 presidential candidates have to understand how important it is to protect the benefits we've earned. We need voters from across the political spectrum who are willing to help us hold the candidates accountable.

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