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Make Elder Abuse a Crime. It's Time.

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Urge the Iowa House to pass SF 522

AARP Iowa supports legislation to impose criminal sanctions for elder abuse, something Iowa lacks. SF 522 would create a new criminal offense of “financial exploitation against an older individual,” and would treat assault or theft against Iowans 60 or older as more serious crimes when an Iowan is targeted because they are 60+. Elder abuse takes many forms. Financial exploitation is the easiest to detect and most reported form of elder abuse, but rarely occurs on its own, often occurring with other forms of abuse: emotional, physical, even sexual.

Perpetrators are sometimes strangers, such as romance scams and the like, but abusers are more often known and trusted, including family members. Thus, AARP Iowa joined forces with Iowa law enforcement groups, financial institutions, other aging advocates, and long-term care associations who support SF 522.

SF 522 passed the Iowa Senate unanimously in 2021, which means the bill would only need to pass the Iowa House in 2022 to be put on the Governor desk for signature.

Contact your legislator and tell them to protect Iowa's elders and support state legislation SF522.

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You can also write them a note and say:

Elder abuse should be a crime in Iowa. I support state legislation that makes it a crime to assault, financially exploit, or abuse Iowans 60 or older because of their age. Please vote YES on SF 522, a bill that passed the Iowa Senate unanimously in 2021. Protect Iowa’s elders.
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