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How Much is Too Much? Navigating Life's Balance

Graphic  showing large amounts of alcoholic drinks, food and clutter as well as one woman in shadow.

In the quest for balance amidst life's complexities, AARP Massachusetts presents a series of thought-provoking conversations, each shedding light on different aspects of our well-being. From clutter to nutrition, alcohol and loneliness, we’re working with Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, Older Adult Behavior Network and Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery to bring in authorities in different areas to have open conversations. Find simple life hacks or gain insight in these hour long discussions this spring.

A Conversation about Loneliness
Wednesday April 24, 12 Noon
We‘ll explore the difference between solitude and loneliness and the health benefits of building and maintaining social connections.
Social contact has many health benefits, yet many of us are isolated. What is the difference between being alone and being lonely? What are the health effects of experiencing loneliness? And what can we learn about the importance of connections and how to build them?
Sandra Harris, the president of AARP Massachusetts and founder of the Massachusetts Coalition to End Loneliness and Build Community, will explore these questions.
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A Conversation about Alcohol
Wednesday May, 1 12 Noon
Alcohol affects you differently as you age. Join nationally recognized trainer, writer and social worker William Stauffer in a talk about the unique challenges we face when it comes to alcohol use as we age. We’ll discuss the importance of learning how to talk about alcohol and the fallacies around problematic use in older adult communities.
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A Conversation about Nutrition
Wednesday May 5 at 12Noon
Good nutrition is critical for a healthy life, especially as we age. Foodie and obesity specialist Dr. Sherri Cheung will talk about aging, the science of nutrition and tips for enjoying food while maintaining a healthy diet.
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A Conversation about Clutter
Webinar first streamed Wednesday, April 3 12 Noon

An authority on hoarding disorders shares his insights on the difficult challenge of decluttering and tips on how to begin letting go.

Lee Shuer, an internationally recognized authority on hoarding disorders, leads a conversation about clutter and the difficult task many older adults face of getting rid of years of accumulated belongings. Gain insights on how to begin letting go of things and strategies to help you organize and make space in your home. 

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How Much is Too Much? Clutter

Resources, Books and websites mentioned in the Webinar can be found here:

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