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With AARP Massachusetts, there is always plenty to do and learn. This page does the work of keeping track of all of our free events, information sessions and more for you. Find the events or series of events that are just to your liking or try something outside of your comfort zone.
Both nationally and locally, fraud and scams are everywhere. AARP is here to assist you in navigating your way around scams and what to do should you encounter one. Open this page for a list of Fraud Prevention related events and resources. The AARP Fraud Watch Network ™ is a free resource for all. With AARP as your partner, you’ll learn how to proactively spot scams, get guidance from our fraud specialists if you’ve been targeted, and feel more secure knowing that we advocate at the federal, state, and local levels to protect consumers and enforce the law. The AARP Fraud Helpline, 877-908-3360, is free and available to anyone looking for assistance regarding scams.
Once a month, on the first & 2nd Saturdays of every month, AARP members and volunteers in the Greater Worcester & Boston areas sign up to walk and talk with each other and a local healthcare provider. People of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds are welcome to these free, ongoing events. Walking in Worcester on every 1st Saturday of the month and Boston every 2nd Saturday. RAIN OR SHINE. Sign up today.
AARP Massachusetts is only one search or click away on many major platforms. Namely: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and X (formerly known as Twitter). Follow, like, and freely subscribe to our channels to stay updated on the latest events, webinars, and information sessions.
In 2018, Massachusetts joined AARP's Age-Friendly Network. Since then and steadily, 114 communities in the Bay State have made the commitment to become more age-friendly- to the benefit of people of all ages.
Bienvenidos. AARP Massachusetts está aquí para servir y trabajar con residentes de Massachusetts de 50 años o más, incluidos nuestros más de 739,000 socios. Esta página está diseñada especialmente para las personas que hablan español, para informarte sobre lo que está disponible y potencialmente útil y gratificante para ti tanto dentro de AARP y en Massachusetts en general. Please note that this entire page is made for Spanish speaking Massachusetts residents and is entirely in Spanish. All information on this page is available on our home page: in English.
With heating costs rising, you may want to look into LIHEAP. The Low Income Heating Assistance Program helps people with heating bills. You may qualify and not realize it
Click to readily access local caregiving resources and the latest news involving some some tax benefits for Massachusetts Caregivers. Every effort counts in making caregiving a more supported journey.
We’re thrilled to announce that thirteen organizations right here in Massachusetts have been awarded 2023 AARP Community Challenge grants for quick-action projects that will create more livable communities for residents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, right here in the Bay State. Click to learn more. All part of our Livable Communities and Age & Dementia Friendly work.
Join AARP Massachusetts in Fitchburg for this in person event that will be offering assistance & information in understanding Social Security and Medicare for people planning for retirement. A complimentary, light breakfast will be provided to start off a great day of learning and getting your important questions answered. The event is open to everyone. AARP membership is not necessary.
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