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AARP Volunteers From Every State Visit Capitol Hill To Urge Separate Social Security Debate, Press For Responsible Solutions To Strengthen Medicare

AARP MS State President State Director Meet With Sen Cochran 06 2013

AARP volunteers and staff from every state, visited Capitol Hill today to express opposition to the President’s proposed Social Security benefit cut known as Chained CPI and to support responsible solutions to strengthen Medicare.  Meeting with Senators, Members of Congress and their staff, AARP volunteers urged their representatives to have a separate debate on Social Security and to back specific proposals that would strengthen Medicare and the health care system overall.

“We’ve heard from 6.5 million people who want Washington to listen to them when it comes to Medicare and Social Security,” said AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond. “They’ve made their voices heard online, at community meetings and events all over the country, and today they’ve brought their message to Washington with the hope that they can go home and tell the people who live in their states that Congress will strengthen these lifeline programs."

In addition to pushing for a broader retirement security debate on Social Security that is separate from ongoing budget negotiations, AARP volunteers and staff discussed embracing health care reforms that eliminate waste and improve care in order to drive positive change throughout the entire health care system and bring down health care costs for everyone, including in Medicare.

By taking action on items that include reducing waste and inefficiency, improving care coordination, and reforming Medicare’s payment incentives to doctors and hospitals for providing good care, Medicare can remain strong into the future.

AARP volunteers and staff will continue to oppose harmful cuts and push for responsible change to strengthen Medicare and Social Security when they return home from Washington. For more on specific Medicare solutions AARP supports visit our Medicare solutions fact sheet.

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